Euro-Design 70

Sophisticated design for your home You invest a lot in your home. And you want it to detail your personal wishes. The Euro Design 70 will help you always look forward to your home. Especially if you have special requirements on the design. Because with Euro Design 70 the look of your home is perfectly. Many shapes, colors (thanks to special coating) and wing design will open up many possibilities. You also have a very special way: with aluminum facings, you can integrate perfectly into your windows and doors or aluminum facades set nice accents. This quality mark stands for quality, REHAU.
Award-winning design and superior quality are the hallmarks of REHAU. * U-value describes the heat transfer through a component. The lower the U value, the lower the Heat loss. The ideal depth of 70 mm and the 5-chamber technology provide effective thermal insulation.
Thermal insulation: Uf *- value: 1.3 W/m2K

Benefits at a Glance: Window profile system Euro Design 70 for the senior housing classifieds Thermal insulation: Uf-value: 1.3 W/m2 K
Depth: 70 mm
Burglar resistance: up to resistance class 2
Sound Insulation: Sound insulation up to class 4
surface: sophisticated, smooth, closed and easy to maintain.
Ideal for low energy buildings and energy-conscious renovations also included
shutters Comfort Design
5-chamber technique
for windows and balcony doors
for upscale housing So it is comfortable
The excellent thermal insulation of windows from Euro Design 70 provides a comfortable living environment - even if it is storming and snowing outside. With a depth of 70 mm and two seals keep out the window Euro Design 70 from cold, drafts, dust and moisture.
Save energy by insulating

With windows from Euro Design 70 you feel design in your own home in good hands, even in the cold season. Thanks to a very good thermal insulation value, the heat stays where it belongs: in the interior of your home. To enjoy a comfortable living environment and a pleasantly low heating bills. The window makes € 70 to the ideal component design for low energy buildings and energy-conscious renovation of old buildings.
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